SI  2.5.4
A header only c++ library that provides type safety and user defined literals for handling physical values defined in the International System of Units.
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electric_charge.h File Reference
#include "detail/number_parser.h"
#include "detail/operator_helpers.h"
#include "detail/unit.h"
#include "detail/unit_symbol.h"
#include "electric_current.h"
#include "time.h"
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struct  SI::unit_symbol< 'Q', std::ratio< 1 > >
struct  SI::unit_symbol< 'Q', _ratio >


 Namespace containing implementation details for SI.


template<typename _type , typename _ratio >
using SI::electric_charge_t = detail::unit_t< 'Q', std::ratio< 1 >, _type, _ratio >
 unit for electric charge 'Q' where Q = T * I More...
template<typename _type >
using SI::atto_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::atto >
 specific units More...
template<typename _type >
using SI::femto_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::femto >
template<typename _type >
using SI::pico_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::pico >
template<typename _type >
using SI::nano_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::nano >
template<typename _type >
using SI::micro_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::micro >
template<typename _type >
using SI::milli_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::milli >
template<typename _type >
using SI::coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::ratio< 1 > >
template<typename _type >
using SI::kilo_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::kilo >
template<typename _type >
using SI::mega_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::mega >
template<typename _type >
using SI::giga_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::giga >
template<typename _type >
using SI::tera_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::tera >
template<typename _type >
using SI::peta_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::peta >
template<typename _type >
using SI::exa_coulomb_t = electric_charge_t< _type, std::exa >


template<char... _digits>
constexpr atto_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_aC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr femto_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_fC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr pico_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_pC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr nano_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_nC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr micro_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_uC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr milli_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_mC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_C ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr kilo_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_kC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr mega_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_MC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr giga_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_GC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr tera_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_TC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr peta_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_PC ()
template<char... _digits>
constexpr exa_coulomb_t< int64_t > SI::literals::operator""_EC ()
constexpr atto_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_aC (long double value)
constexpr femto_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_fC (long double value)
constexpr pico_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_pC (long double value)
constexpr nano_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_nC (long double value)
constexpr micro_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_uC (long double value)
constexpr milli_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_mC (long double value)
constexpr coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_C (long double value)
constexpr kilo_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_kC (long double value)
constexpr mega_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_MC (long double value)
constexpr giga_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_GC (long double value)
constexpr tera_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_TC (long double value)
constexpr peta_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_PC (long double value)
constexpr exa_coulomb_t< long double > SI::literals::operator""_EC (long double value)